Aurelia Visinescu 

Premium wine collection-Sahateni domains, re-branding project 2009-2010. 

The design strategy was focused on two directions: one was highlighting  the visual aspect and the personality of the new brand Aurelia Visinescu and product differentiation was the second. The color scheme was simplified - black and red, with silver highlights, finishing touches and print effects chosen from an upper range. The design is simple and the key note which variates from one collection to another is the silver symbol. The ambiance is modern, created to suite the consumer. Aurelia Visinescu is a social brand full of personality.

The brand strategy, wine names and graphic direction were set together with Eduard Ciocirlan (Transform Marketing Events) and Alexandru Lazareanu - Designer


Under the client's  bussiness strategy  and the direction chose by my partner Eduard Ciocirlan, initially the project was set to radically re-brand.  We proposed a softer approach, more in tune with what company clients expected.  The brand structure and the logo illustrates the three elemnts that defined the branding preocess: “ Execute in detail” „Think 360 around you” „Plan carefully”.

The branding strategy was developed by Eduard Ciocirlan (Transform Marketing Events)


Amigo is the oldest name in the soluble coffee industry in Romania, since 1983.  Due to the high quality of it's products and the brand's notoriety, the company was always placed high-up on the market and was conservative and reluctant to image transformation. I was the company's designer for almost 10 years and that is how I've met the marketing director Eduard Ciocirlan

As a team we visually revived the brand, we redrew the packaging, redesigned the website, communication materials, as well as the POS materials.


In 2008, a company with a stable market share in the meat and canned food industry, active in the northern part of the country, commissioned a radical image transformation, including packaging and main product range differentiation. With a high number of deliverables, the project was extensive. We drew over 100 packages. The company's name remained unchanged and the logo was slightly retouched. For this particular project I teamed up with Alexandru Lazareanu-designer. 


In 2014, Stenota Winery launched it's collection. The vineyard reveals a frail beginning of history around the old city Stenota. The consequence was a concept based on the story of the archer Steuriu who spent his days in the city's tower.  The labels were drawn in colors of the same palet, in the early medieval spirit. The image of focus is a poly-chrome window, similar to a stained-glass. It's colors are modern, in-tune with the archer logo.

The branding strategy was developed by Eduard Ciocirlan (Transform Marketing Events)

Traian one

One of the biggest cheese and related products manufacturer commissioned a redesign of the packaging for two of their products.

The client's demand was that we keep the name of the brand and simply enhance the illustration of the existing logo. We redid the packaging using product photography which portrayed some consuming suggestions and a few ingredients.


An industrial project, not just by name. Behind the redesigning of the logo we had some prints and a website structure, which had to contain photos and written information for about 10 ranges of products with about a hundred tees. The idea was that I design a simple visual code to match the logo colors, but also the two product series - maintenance (navy blue) and fire prevention (bright red). I envisioned  visually refreshing the technical content by deriving color accents from the logo and by using industrial photography, supplied by the client's international partners.

The branding strategy was developed by Eduard Ciocirlan (Transform Marketing Events).

Arca lui Noe

A recent project I undertook in collaboration with Transform Marketing Events was  Dr. Reddy's Romanis  social initiative for animal welfare.

Both the logo and the graphic set-up are somewhat connect to National Geographic, but the approach was a bit different. We imagined a background illustration, so that colorful pictures could fill the foreground.  We enhanced the content by using photography as the key to this project.


The sectoral operational programme environment was a project developed by a consortium of companies led by LDK Romania. Strategically, we explored some directions, in accordance with  the specific demands of the tender book and of the authority in charge of the project. The selected approach was the one that highlighted the protective purpose of the investments, due to it's foreseeable impact on the large public.  We chose blunt symbols and direct colors applied on large surfaces. The brand's message is inspirational, captivating and in cohesion with it's cause. 

The project was developed in collaboration with Transform Marketing Events.





Brand strategy

Eduard Ciocirlan, Brand Manager




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